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The European project „Large Apparatus studying Grand Unification and Neutrino Astrophysics” includes a majority of European physicists interested in the construction of very massive detector(s) (105-106 tons) realized in one of the three technologies using liquids: water, liquid argon and liquid scintillator.
No one of the existing European underground laboratories is able to host such a huge detector - a new large underground infrastructure is needed.
The group applied for the RI Design Study in the framework of FP7 with the main goal to study possible localizations of the future laboratory together with further R&D for the proposed detector technologies.
In the case of LAGUNA our contribution concentrates on the site studies for the Polkowice - Sieroszowice salt mine as a possible location for the GLACIER detector. Apart from particle physicists the study grop includes experts in geology, mining, mechanics and natural radioactivity (. ).

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