Experiments and Projects

Some experiments and projects with my participation:

  • DELPHI experiment at the LEP collider at CERN (completed)
    Studies of e+e- interactions at the highest energies

  • SUCIMA project (completed)
    Development of Monolithic Active Pixel sensors (MAPs) for medical applications

  • ICARUS experiment in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory
    Studies of solar, atmospheric and accelerator neutrinos and searches for proton decays

  • T2K experiment at JPARC
    Long baseline accelerator neutrino experiment for studies of neutrino oscillations

  • LAGUNA project
    Feasibility study for the future pan-European underground laboratory and for the large detectors (100 ktons - 1 Mton) for studies of low energy astrophysical neutrinos and for searches of proton decays

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