• Hadron physics in bubble chamber experiments (K+p and Ï€-d collisions), S136 and WA3 experiments (Ï€-p collisions) - studies of particle correlations, diffractive production and anti-p p final states, 1970-1982
  • e+e- physics in the DELPHI experiment at LEP - simulations concerning particles containing c and b quarks, studies of b baryons, 1985-1998
  • Neutrino physics - preparations for the ICARUS experiment at Gran Sasso and for the T2K experiment at JPARC, the European project LAGUNA, since 2000

Experimental techniques

  • Silicon detectors in collider experiments and in medical applications (1982-2004): (1) participation in the simulations, software developments, construction, tests and data analysis for the DELPHI silicon microvertex detector (1981-1998), (2) work on the capacitively coupled pixel detectors for the TESLA project, (3) work with the Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for medical applications: source dosimetry in brachytherapy and beam monitoring in hadrontherapy
  • Liquid Argon detectors for neutrino physics (since 2001) - participation in tests, test data analyses and constrution of the equipment for anode wires production in the ICARUS experiment
  • Underground laboratories (since 2004) - measurements and simulations for the salt cavern in the Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine aiming at the localization of the underground laboratory SUNLab

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